Pendleton Oil and Gas Co. is a family-owned business operating in northern New Mexico since 1930.

  We provide the following services:
Propane Sales and Delivery
Sale, installation, and service of propane systems and appliances
Propane bottle sales and filling

  • We rent propane tanks in the following sizes:  120 gallon, 250 gallon, 500 gallon, and 1,000 gallon. Tank rent is charged in August of each year, and the amount of rent depends on the size of tank.  Customers who rent our tanks are obligated to purchase propane from Pendleton Oil and Gas.  Liability and insurance issues require that our tanks not be serviced by any other dealer.  We do have a yearly minimum purchase requirement, dependent on the size of the tank.  Rent surcharges may be assessed if minimum purchase amounts are not met.  We usually do not sell propane tanks.  Customers who wish to discontinue service should notify Pendleton in writing and we will remove the tank as soon as possible-but no longer than 30 days-after receiving notice.  The fee for tank removal and propane pump-out is posted in our Price Schedule..  We will issue credit or refund for unused propane and prorated tank rent if any is due after all charges are assessed.

  • At the beginning of service to any new customer, we are obligated by law to insure that the propane system, including piping and appliances, is in compliance with all applicable codes.  There is a charge of $20.00 for an inspection permit and a charge for labor in checking the system.  Customers should also be aware that at all times, we are required to service only systems that are in compliance with all applicable codes.  We will have to discontinue service to any customer that refuses to bring their propane system up to code. 
  • Charges for service calls will vary depending on complexity of the job and the parts required.   We will provide a free estimate.  

  • Because the market price for propane fluctuates, we cannot verify a certain price per gallon of propane for purposes of this document.  We do post prices for propane at our offices.  We may, on a very limited basis, adjust prices for volume customers and for different types of customers.  We do not have pre-buy, price-cap, or fixed-price plans.

  • We allow charge sales on a limited basis.  This is primarily to allow customers to receive deliveries when they are not present. Prospective charge customers must fill out an application and provide credit references.  Until credit is approved, customers remain on a COD basis. Customers may then be on a charge limit until they establish a satisfactory credit history with us.  All charges are net 30 days and are due in full each month.  Balances remaining unpaid 30 days after billing date will be assessed a late charge of 1.5% (minimum 50 cents) per month.  Annual percentage rate is 18%.  If balances are not paid within 60 days of delivery, the customer will not be allowed to charge additional product until the balance is paid, and, in addition, the customer may be placed on a 100 gallon CHARGE limit.  Until credit history improves, each 100 gallon charge would have to be paid in full before more propane would be delivered.  Customers could pay cash for additional propane if more than 100 gallons is desired.  Accounts that are frequently delinquent may be changed to a COD or pay in advance account. However, we try to work with customers to find an agreeable payment plan.

  • We do have a budget payment plan available to qualified customers.  Its purpose is to equally spread payments throughout the year.  Sign-up for the plan is in April of each year, and customers must have a zero balance at that time.  Budget payments must be made on time each and every month, or the customer will be dropped from the plan.  Detailed provisions of the budget payment plan and sign-up documents are available at the Pendleton offices.

  • We do not charge to customers who rent the premises for which service is requested.  Customers who rent the premises served by Pendleton Oil and Gas must pay in advance for delivery.  Owners of rental properties must notify Pendleton Oil and Gas that the premises are rental properties; otherwise, they will remain responsible for payment for any propane delivered to the property.  Property owners are always responsible for tank rent.

  • Our minimum delivery is 100 gallons.  Customers should call for delivery at least 48 hours in advance.  It is recommended that customers call for propane delivery when the tank reaches 20%.  Unscheduled, after-hours, or weekend deliveries are subject to an additional charge if we are able to make them. This charge is posted in our offices. However, we do not normally provide emergency service.

  • We do have established routes.  Route schedules are available in most offices.  Some customers may be on a “keep full” basis.  These customers must keep their accounts current.

  •  All customers should check their tanks and remain aware of the amount of propane in the tank at all times. We have a “How to Read Your Propane Gauge” hand-out available. Customers should make sure that the propane tank is accessible—we need a driveway clear and wide enough for a large truck.

  • If a Pendleton Oil & Gas customer intends to convey property by sale or otherwise,   notification in writing must be given to Pendleton.  If the propane tank is rented, it is the customer’s responsibility to inform potential buyers of this fact.  Prospective buyers may not qualify for credit and the tank may be picked up. It is the responsibility of the customer to settle at closing the value of any propane remaining in the tank. Pendleton will not give credit to the “old” property owner and charge the “new” property owner.  The parties must settle these issues themselves.

  • We do participate in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). In most cases, we will accept LIHEAP payments for our customers.  To get assistance, contact LIHEAP at 1-800-283-4465 or   We have information at the Pendleton offices about this program and about the NM Energy $mart program.

  • At any time if you have questions or complaints, contact the local Pendleton Oil and Gas office. Or call 1-800-526-5505.  If you are not satisfied with the response, you may contact the Consumer Relations Division of the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission at 1-888-427-5772.  The CRD staff will assist you with your complaint.

Las Vegas Office
P. O. Box 1077
Las Vegas, NM  87701

Taos Office
P. O. Box 2005
Ranchos de Taos, NM  87557

Questa Office
P. O. Box 590
Questa, NM  87556

Mora Office
P. O. Box 54
Mora, NM  87732

Raton Office
P. O. Box 126
Raton, NM  87740

We strive to provide good service and we appreciate your business!