Budget Payment Plan
Budget Payment allows customers to even out their propane costs by paying the same amount each month throughout the year.
  • Budget plan sign-ups will be during the month of April.
  • Budget plan customers must have a 12-month billing history at their current location.
  • Budget plan customers must have a zero balance on their accounts at the time of sign-up.
  • Budget plan customers must pay the full budget amount by the due date of each and every month, even in months when no propane is delivered.
  • Budget plan customers pay for all the propane used during the year and are in no way relieved of the responsibility for payment of the actual account balance.
  • Budget payment customers are not eligible for time extensions or payment agreements.
  • Budget plan customers who miss a budget payment will be dropped from the plan, and their actual account balance becomes due in full.
  • Budget plan customers are NOT guaranteed a certain price for propane during the year.  Pendleton Oil and Gas does not have a pre-buy, price-cap, or fixed-price plan.
  • Budget payments are set by determining last year’s total propane cost and dividing by 11 and adjusting for forecasted fuel prices.
  • Budget payment customers’ payments will be reviewed twice during the year and the payment amount may be adjusted at that time.
  • Budget payment customers’ accounts will be “settled up” in April of each year.  If the actual account balance is more than the budget amount paid during the year, that extra amount is due on the next bill.  If the budget amount paid has resulted in a credit balance, that amount will be deducted from your next bill.
  • Budget plan customers may opt out of the plan during the year, but any amount owed will be due in full on the next bill and any amount owed the customer will be deducted from the next bill.
  • Budget plan customers who opt out of the plan or are dropped from the plan due to nonpayment will not be eligible to participate again.
  • Budget plan customers will still need to watch their actual account balance as compared to their budget payment amount.  All customers are urged to continue to use their propane wisely and efficiently.

I have read and understand the above facts about Budget Plan participation.

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Print this page and sign it if you want to apply for our Budget Payment Plan.  Please fax it to 866-832-8640.  Contact us if you would like an estimate of your monthly payment.